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Monday, 14 October 2013


Why are weekends so short? I swear Saturday and Sunday together are no way near as long as any weekday. I blame all clocks worldwide.

Not that I haven't enjoyed it I just wish it was longer. What with being thoroughly spoilt by Chris, having a Mexican with my sisters and general lethargy I've not had a chance to blog (the photos are completely disorganised on my laptop) and barely read a single post!

Now is the time to prep, schedule and plan in anticipation of my holiday (which is just over  week away). Plus packing, buying various holiday beauty essentials and searching for a Egypt proof camera (my dslr is a little too sensitive for sand dunes) with a healthy mix of work in between makes a VERY excited Jodie.

I can't wait to spend two weeks relaxing with my best friend.

Which is the perfect little introduction to this ootd I wore to LFWend which was an amazing day out for us both.

Faux fur: Vintage
Boots: Dr Martens
Bag c/o La Redoute 
Skirt: ASOS (similar here)
Choker: eBay

Comfort was key as I was FREEZING that weekend so I opted for my vintage fur, Dr Martens and a beanie, with my much loved "princess skirt". I felt relaxed and with a pin-up theme (I think it was the midi and fur) and my vest tied into a crop completed the look with a Jodie edge (got to show a little bit of skin).

My bag I was kindly given by La Redoute at LFW and its barely left my arms. I formerly use it practically every day (it brightens up my work days) and I can't fault it. It's the perfect size to fit everything I want/need plus being studded on BOTH sides really sets the standard that other bags I've seen just aren't meeting. In fact I've fallen in love a lot on La Redoute (including these trousers) like this two tone clutch (it's purple!) And this chic looking light brown clutch bag. 

Only problem is I have to keep it away from sticky little fingers as its just so pretty it ends up in everyone's arms on a night out. It's already earmarked for my holiday evening bag (and because I know she's expecting it) I've also just received one I bought bought for my best friends birthday :) 
Jodie x

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Have you ever had so many ideas in you head you struggle to put them to paper? My head feels like it's going to explode with blog ideas (some are going to be a big difference and I feel mean for teasing you) and I can't wait to share. It's probably good I've turned into holiday mode at work (plus I want to leave) because I'm filling my head with ideas there's no room for work ideas (that always get ignored anyway). 

I'm trying to completely reset my brain in ways if thinking into being all about me. I want to only concentrate on me from now on, so my hair cut on Friday can't come any slower! Am I the only one who looks at old photos/clothes and think "why aren't I like that anymore?"

With the wedding, my boyfriend moving and everything at work I've lost some me that I desperately want back. 

High Waist Skater Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Buffalo
Necklace: Gogo Philip
Headscarf: Claire's
Bag c/o La Redoute
Belt: New Look 

I can't help but think I look ever so mature and sensible in my new coat- I barely recognised myself. Of course I had to pair it with my monster Buffalo Boots and return to my love if all things headscarf. Young habits die hard and all of that. 

This is something new but feels like old to me. I put all this on and felt like I've owned this coat all my life. It makes me very happy. 

I bought this coat after MUCH deliberation I finally decided I wanted a boyfriend coat for the season. Every year I buy a new one ( to add to my collection of furs) and every year they last that season and I never want to wear it again. It's honestly my one guilty act I just don't keep costs. This time I wanted one that will last so I went for a black over sized smart looking number that I HOPE will last. 

I was considering buying "that" pink Topshop coat but I think this black one will last longer. 
It's perfect! It's the perfect watch for autumn and spring but I can also put a jumper underneath for the winter chill :) 

I bought it from New Look via ASOS and I strongly recommend it- plus ASOS has the best delivery I order it one evening and its at my house two days later. Pretty much next day delivery :) and everything I've bought is spot on with sizes. But if you're looking for something a little warmer you can't go wrong with this Topshop boyfriend jacket, or this one from River Island with the awesome rolled sleeves. 

Expect to see a lot of my new coat these winter months. 
Jodie x

Friday, 27 September 2013


Tuesday I had the sole plan to street style, watch a little of the shoes on the media screens at Somerset House and shop. It poured down! So after a few hours at Somerset House I skipped shopping and went home (I actually ended up stuck on a train between platforms for 20 plus minutes in rush hour).

Again I dressed for comfort (it was freezing) and went for a strange vibe- I honestly have no clue what was going through my head other than I wanted to wear a headscarf and my amazing studded bag kindly gifted to me the day before from La Redoute. 

Boots: River Island
Midi skirt: Boohoo
Crop sweater: DIY
Faux fur: Vintage
Headscarf: Thrifted
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Bag c/o La Redoute

Words cannot describe how amazing this bag is! Perfect size (I fit everything I possibly need in there including my camera) but the best part is its studded on BOTH sides!! Really it's amazing- I'm so grateful to the La Redoute team. 

The day before I got to check out the latest from La Redoute and I can't wait to share a proper post about it, but here are a few quick snaps :)

Jodie x 

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Listening to: Scandalous- Alesha Dixon.

As I had mentioned- on Saturday I went to the Look Show in the beautiful setting of the Royal Courts of Justice. Really its was a spectacular setting to have a catwalk show- high ceilings, circular staircases BEAUTIFUL!

I spent the day with my older sister Gemma and it was a blast. A lovely day full of sisterly chatting, mid-show entertainment courtesy of Alesha Dixon (que me and Gemma singing) and an excellent little goody-bag. The down side- we started the day with a glass of wine at 12:30 in All Bar One, then the Champagne and cocktails at the Look Show, plus a glass of wine in the pub and table (as the bartender told us) that Kelly Brook had just left, and meeting the rest of my family for a few more glasses of wine. I STILL feel rough. But it was worth it.

As a warning now- there is going to be a lot of photos and I haven't quite got the hang of using my new camera so they aren't the best, but there are some amazing looks in stores for A/W. The 'looks' as far as I can tell is texture black- faux leather, sequins, velvet and fur, gold everywhere, cigarette style trousers, tartan and doogtooth, oxblood, and faux fur. I love A/W and the catwalk was fantastic.

New Look

New Look for me was ALL about the prints- tartan and that amazing dogtooth scarf. Everything was so casual, layered and wearable. For me New Look had the best casual looks on the high street. A massive part of me wants to buy those tartan creepers, and has the usual A/W colours. New Look looks like the place to go for casual knits to throw over jeans and leggings.

Uniglo is a shop I have never shopped in before, and to be honest the website homepage nearly turned me away- but stick it out for this collection. The beautiful camel coat was the best first impression down the runway, and I love the look of the layered flannel shirts, which with the big grunge influence in the S/S we are all likely to have in out wardrobe (or our boyfriends). Great layering.

Next for me has always been a bit well... dull. The sort of things even my mother wouldn't wear. But I have to say I love this collection. The cigarette trousers are looking like the trousers of A/W and Next has some amazing examples, especially the in this seasons colour oxblood. Also I love the cute 60's feel- which after seeing a snippet of 2013 S/S I think is very inspired.

Every season I have that hard task on the high street weather I prefer Topshop or River Island. This season it is easily River Island! Its a faux leather heaven! Mixing last seasons trends of galaxy and neon but bringing them well up to date. Can somebody please buy me these faux leather trousers? And these oxblood velvet pair? After seeing this collection I want to live in a River Island store, and seriously considering buying a stole to wrap round the collars of all my coats.


Say what you like about Primark- after working in customer services for 3 years I will always have the utmost respect for the workers and the clothes. Countless times I would see clothing sold in Primark for a couple of pounds being sold for a lot more in Topshop or New look ect. But Primark has clearly upped their game. Galaxy dresses and tops, oxblood a plenty, leather its amazing. Pop into a store and be pleasantly surprised.

Style search
here are the looks from the Look Magazine style search.
Sultana Malik- the lace and oxblood shirt is amazing!
Emma Hill- leather trousers and cobalt  blue top, YES!
Sandra Tang- Beautiful navy dress, lace and a lovely oriental feel. I wish I had a fancy do to go to to wear this dress.
Caroline Burke- I love the colour in this dog tooth jumper, and the green autumn skirt.

Andreea Pancuic- Beautiful Cigarette trousers! Great idea of the gold and the gothic style jumper. A versatile look.

Remi Capone- Very casual, I love the jumper but this is my least favourite look from the style search.


Warehouse is another shop I don't tend to shop in, mostly because its just a little too expensive for me. But the long biker coat is very cool, as are the gold jeans. But in general I'm not that impressed.


Doogtooth, fur, oxblood AND once again those amazing gold cigarette trousers. Marks has got in going on. I love the use of the umbrella for added style- especially this doogtooth one, and I really REALLY want this wrap!


The Kate Moss for Mango collection is 10000 times better than her collection for Topshop- all the clothes really feel like Kate had a hand is designing them. Tuxedo jackets, velvet, the whole androgynous vibe- fantastic. I can easily see many pay packets going on this collection. My fav pieces have to be the velvet trousers and jacket.


I loved the look Boohoo has shown- its something about the gold and black I love.

She Likes

Beautiful green dress from She Likes.

Selfish: Forever Unique

Very sports Laux meets rock and roll- the model  practically ran down the catwalk with all the attitude the outfit gave her.

Simply Be

Well done to the stylists for making the one plus size model in the one plus size store look extremely frumpy. The jacket looks like a dressing gown! There is 1000 better looks that can be created with their A/W collection so I urge you not to take this first awful impression and check the site out. Its important to note that she did walk down the catwalk in a lot of the other collections (obviously not all the models walked down every collection) and she looked fantastic!

That fur coat! AMAZING!!!

A Wear

Again can someone please buy me a massive fur collar i can attack to all my clothing?

La Redoute

Beautiful and chic look- fantastic tartan look.


Very nice dress, not that impressive but you can never go wrong with a navy maxi.

Fashion Union

An outfit with wedge heeled creepers! What is not to love?

The whole show was fantastic! I loved it as did Gemma and I've come back with loads of ideas about my most loved season. My 3 favourite looks have to be from New Look, River Island and Boohoo (my fav online store).

I love this Look from New Look. The Tartan skirt is fantastic- and I am in love with the print contrast with he Dogtooth shirt. This is amazing and I can see myself rocking this look (probably with slightly different shoes and jacket) but A great look.

 Oh my god what is not to LOVE about this outfit. Please somebody anybody buy me those faux leather fingerless gloves! and the sleeveless jacket. Gah why doesn't money grow on trees!

Boohoo was the look I was most looking forward to seeing- and they did not let me down. Gold looks like it is going to be every where this season- and the textured gold skirt (I'm not sure if the one i found is exactly the same) is beautiful. Add a petticoat underneath to get that catwalk volume and a tailored jacket, with plain black shoes to make that skirt really stand out. Fantastic!

Hope you read through all of that!
Jodie x