Monday, 20 October 2014


Voodoo Vixen is a brand I've made very clear in the past I love (ever since this post by the beautiful Megan) and who's quality is high and have the perfect mix of modern touches and vintage flare. They're the sort of brand which everyone can enjoy- and with their recent addition of Plus Sizes even more so. My Gigi and Mila cardigans are my biggest love (I honestly think they're part Teflon as they've stood up to a LOT of wear) and my most stealworthy- as in everyone sees them and want to try them on and take them for keeps. 

It's only appropriate that a brand I love releases a collection suited for my favourite season. 

FYI this post is not sponsored by Voodoo Vixen in anyway- I just really love them and super excited about the A/W14 collection. I feel like blogging for me is like going "OMG look at this" over pizza with my best friend so I feel like I'm obligated to share what I'm most excited about :) p.s. I really do stalk the Voodoo Vixen IG feed to extreme so although the plus size range isn't available yet I think I know what's coming. 

Polka dot dresses like this one- Adrina- are (in my mind) the most versatile dresses in the world- I think they literally  in every style of dressing not just pin up. It looks like the Eliza dress to be realised in plus so everyone can challenge their inner Minnie Mouse.

I don't think the teenage punk in me will ever fully die so hello leopard print Cherise.  Hazel dress. 
 Not yet released- but the same floral print and material as the Pepina dress. 

The plus size range will be released in December (just in time for my birthday!!) and if you stalk follow Voodoo Vixen  on Instagram you'll be excited as I am for this awesome velvet tattoo dress to be available in a flared skirt.  Dreaming about it layered over petticoat under a cosy faux fur for Christmas. 

Again not yet released but I this layered style remind me a lot of the Penny and Hattie dresses (also available in Plus size here and here) and they look stunning in person- and sophisticated. 

With tartan, blue leopard and autumnal brown floral prints soon to arrive (and if my stalking is correct the Connie dress will be available in Plus size) Voodoo Vixen is really exciting me :)  

Massive thank you to Billie-Jo from Branded Lab for sending me these images and being an all round star. Hope you all like the post (and don't judge me for being a woman obsessed) .
Jodie x 

Friday, 17 October 2014


Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar here and here)
Jacket: Geore at ASDA
Scarf: Gift
Bag: Gucci
Collar Clips: Ella Mobbs

Above is a really simple everyday pin up look for the folder autumn days. Lets getting REALLY cold :( but I feel prepared this year. With this amazing (plus super soft) rose embroidered cardigan I won from Voodoo Vixen to add to my collection I really have to worry about being too hot.  My leather jacket is my go to coat at the moment (it goes with everything!) but I'm getting a little bored if it.

I keep lusting over Collectif coats which I tell myself I need but between my leather, faux furs and capes I really don't need one. I just want what I can't have!

I'm becoming truely awful at keeping up with blogging but it's because I'm having a lot of experiences in my personal life. Next week I'm even involved in some doctors mock exams- ha ha ha.
Jodie x 

Monday, 13 October 2014


I feel like its time I introduce the latest addition to my wardrobe as its something that's going to be shared a lot- my awesome Skully teapot and teacup cardigan clips made by Ella Mobbs. 

Ella is someone who's art I've internet stalked for a WHILE and she's constantly producing new creations I love. Her aesthetic really speaks to me, her freelance work has been beyond amazing- but it's her Creep Heart brand which speaks to me most. I loved her printed tea cups (it made me extremely sad not to buy one) and her venture into jewellery made me beyond excited.

The only bad side is Ella is based in Australia (why I never ordered a delicate piece of china)  so I had always worried about the safety in shipping. I'm so glad I ordered these clips as they arrived super safe (in less than 4 days!) wrapped in in loads of tissue paper and a strong box. A very unexpected touch. 

Seriously I love Ellas art and being able to wear it is a dream come true. Check out her website here- plus follow her on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr. 
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Capris: Pin Up Girl Clothing (similar here and here)- or buy them here from the UK
Top: Bon Prix
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: Gucci

These capris are possibly the best investment I've made it years. Hello comfy high waisted beauties! 

The fit is unbelievable - I think it's something to do with the zip up at the back but they fit perfectly, they're my go to item when I'm not sure what to wear, like chucking on this grandad shirt from Bon Prix. They're a big change from the baggy scrubs I wear at work all week. 

I'm not sure if I've ever shared this before but I want to introduce my biggest fan- Dylan. 

He loves to be my blog photo mascot- unfortunately he does the really cute "throw my legs in the air and show the world" thing which (although ruins photos) makes me love him more than anything. I couldn't get a Dylan free photo of my sneakers so he had to be included. 
Jodie x 

Sunday, 5 October 2014


... This beautiful ring Ella included in my Creep Heart order (check out all her stuff its unbelievable)...

... Pin Up Girl Clothing Disneyland Bounding mood boards- especially this Marie (from the Atistocats) inspired look...

... Helen's cinnamon nutella muffin recipe...

... and Kaileys cute ASOS playsuit. 
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


It's a little late but I'm finally sharing my Fatshionology post for September (you can see the August post here). For September the challenge was second hand.

Personally I own a LOT of second hand clothing- in fact two years ago it was 90% second hand. I just love charity shops and call myself a bit of a thrifted.

When thrift shopping I get very picky about charity shops -location and who the support to go is what I look out for. If there's several chazza shops I tend to buy from either local charities (people support their community so there's always a few treasures) or the most reputable. But online I love eBay, esty, and ASOS Marketplace- where I bought this dress from.

This tea dress I loved online, but wasn't so keen on in person. It's a lot nicer on (once I threw on a belt) but a true test of ugly hanger syndrome.

Dress: ASOS Marketplace
Belt: New Look
Flip flops: Topshop (similar here)
Jacket: George at ASDA
Bag: Gift

Don't forget to check out the other fatshionology posts. 

Jodie x 

Monday, 29 September 2014


As the weather is getting colder I'm trying to rekindle my love of trousers. I'm not fond of low ride trousers- I prefer the reaching for my belly button. 

I like the pin up look of high waisted trousers, paired with a halter neck top and a belt.

Trousers c/o Ann Harvey
Belt: Gift (similar here)
Halter neck: Vintage (similar here and here)
Loafers: Linzi
Jacket: George at ASDA
Bag: Gucci

After modelling for Ann Harvey at Plus North they got in contact with me asking if I would like to review something. Although I would have loved to review the jacket I wore on the cat walk- it wasn't available at the time (but is now online!) After modelling these jeans I knew I wanted a pair of trousers. Ann Harvey trousers fit super high waisted- which I love not just for the comfort but for the over all vintage look. 

I'm glad I choose these purple floral pair (which come up to belly button height!!!). Plus I'm happy to say they fit perfectly (I struggle with a good leg length)- I didn't need to crop these from short legs, the material is super soft but mostly they look awesome. 
Jodie x